• How do I decide which is the best investment for me?
   Our Investment Advisor will interact closely with you to understand your financial needs and expectations and guide you to the investment solutions most suitable for you.

• How can you help me manage my investments?
   We offer a number of products and services to help you enhance your wealth. Based on your individual risk/return expectations we recommend a personalized investment plan for you. To learn more please contact us to arrange an appointment with an Investment Advisor.

• I'd like to select my own investments. Can I do this through SMC Investments and Advisors?
   Yes, you can define the broad mandate on the asset classes you want to invest in and we would create and manage your portfolio as per your directives.

• Do you have products and services for corporates?
   Yes, we have a wide range of financial & wealth solutions to help corporates enhance and manage wealth.

• Are your services open to Non-Resident Indians?
   Yes, we specialize in offering wealth management and enhancement services to NRIs.

• Does SMC Investments and Advisors offer only in-house products or those from other providers as well?
   We offer various exclusive customized products conceived by us. We have also partnered with other leading service providers to offer their products under referral arrangements.

• What is the minimum investment that I need to commit to?
   The minimum investment varies according to the product or service chosen by you.

• How do I keep track of my investments?
   Your Investment Advisor will send you regular reports on the status of your investments as well as on potential investment opportunities for you.

• How will I know about new products or services?
   Your Investment Advisor will give you regular updates on all upcoming services.

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